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Forget the past. See God is doing a new thing! 

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The Ingrams are on deputation!

Missions is not what you do for the missionary but what you will do through the missionary. Would your church or small group like to have us come share what the Lord is doing through New Day to help people like you reach the lost and make disciples where you are and around the world? 

Do you know how this ministry began? 

"New Day started out as two people who said, Here we are Lord send us." Just look what God has done and continues to do.

"Life Off the Beaten Path"

 Inspirational stories and testimonies of lessons received by God while living a life off the beaten bath. 

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Online Library

With many free lessons the online library has much to offer. Work through a Bible study, view one of studies, or download one of our printable resources today.

New Day Family Fellowship
God is moving! Don't miss out!

 While we are in states on deputation we are hosting a Bible study in Camden, OH. We hope you can join us! Come on Fridays at 5:30pm (or as you can arrive) for discipleship, games, recreation. Food will be at 6pm followed by worship and group discussion. Bring something to share (if you can), your family, friend or both ;-), with a desire to worship and be encouraged in the Lord.

Servants together,
David & Heather Ingram

Ministers Retreat

New Day's Annual Ministers' retreat

New Day's Ministers' Retreat provides ministers from around the country a unique opportunity to come together to be refreshed, revived, and ready to serve.

Will You Partner with us? 

When you partner with us the Lord will expand your work of proclaiming the Gospel, making disciples, and building up your brothers and sisters in the Lord in the US, Puerto Rico, Africa, and around the world.

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If so no doubt you see that we are undertaking a dramatic change to our website. Sadly in this process, we have had a significant setback. All of our normal content was erased from our server. We did back-up the site on Feb. 28th, 2018 and it is our hope to be able to get help in restoring all that was lost. Please be patient as we work to get everything you have come to depend on here at back up and going soon. Thank you for your patience and your prayers. In the meantime, we hope you will enjoy all that can be explored from here.

Servants together,

David and Heather Ingram