This form is to be used to help you organize your monthly reports and is only to be used after you have already completed the Yearly Report. The Monthly Report is to serve as a progress report. If there is information on your branchís page that is out of date and needs to be updated please send use the "Yearly Report" form to make updates to your web page.
As you prepare to send your report pray and seek the Lordís leadership in to what it is he wants you to share. We will share your reports with all of the branches of NDCM. Some reports will be featured in the NDCM newsletters. If you have any questions please send them to leaders@newdaycm.org.
"Need a little help?
Here is some examples to help you.
NDCM Branch Monthly Report
Name of Branch
First Name
Last Name
What ministry has taken place this month?
Is there a personal testimony  to share from one member of the NDCM branch there or a prayer request?
If you have received a gift through your webpage or a special gift from a NDCM support how did you use the funds and what was accomplished?
What plans/preparation are you making to reach one of the 4 goals you shared in your yearly report?
Upload any pictures or reciepts