Do I truly follow Jesus?

Are you a religious person?

Are you a Christian?

What is a Christian?

If you are a Christian, why are you a Christian?

Do you think that everyone that claims to be a Christian truly is a Christian?

What are some of the reason people would want to be part of the Christian religion?

What are some reasons people give for not wanting to be part of the Christian religion?

What do you think is the main difference between someone who says they are a Christian and a person that truly is a Christian? Or is there a difference?

John 6: 1-3

What was going on?

Why were people coming to see Jesus?

Was this a good reason to follow Jesus?

What are some of the other reasons for following Jesus?

Why does Jesus heal the sick?

Does Jesus care about are physical needs?

John 6: 4-6

What difficulty did the large crowds that followed Jesus present?

Did Jesus have to feed all of these people; was he obligated to do so?

Why do you think Jesus wanted to test Philip?

Do you think that there was something he wanted Phillip to learn?

John 6: 7

What was Phillips answer?

Was he right?

Would feeding five thousand men plus an unknown amount of women and children be an impossible task for twelve fishermen to accomplish?

John 6:8

What did Andrew say?

Do you think he believed that they could feed the five thousand with what they had?

By human reasoning was it going to be possible to feed the five thousand?

What kind of reasoning do you think Jesus was testing to see if they had?

John 6: 9-15

Did Jesus feed all of the people that were there that day?

What lesson do you think he wanted the disciples to learn?

Why did Jesus withdraw from the people?

Were the people following Jesus for what they wanted or for what he wanted?

Does it make a difference? Why?

John 6: 16- 21

What happened to the disciple’s right after the feeding of the five thousand?

Why do you think they had left the shore when Jesus was not yet with them?

Were the disciples able to get to the shore by their own strength or abilities?

What happened immediately after the disciples let Jesus in the boat?

Where did they end up?

Do you think that this event happened for a reason, or was it just part of the risks of being in a boat when a storm is coming?

Do you think Jesus was trying to make the disciples understand something?

What do you think he wanted them to understand?

Do you think you will end up where you should go in life with out Jesus in the boat with you

John 6:22-24

What happened the next day?

What were the people looking for?

John 6:25-29

Why did Jesus say they were following him?

What kind of work did Jesus say they should be doing?

What kind of work did Jesus say they needed to do?

Is this a difficult thing to do?

Why or Why not?

What does believing in Jesus mean to you?

John 6:30-34

What was it the people wanted before they would believe in Jesus?

The people were asking for a sign that would prove to them that Jesus was who he said he was.

What signs had these people seen and experienced already?

What was it they wanted Jesus to give them?

The people had been following him for what he could do for them physically.

What is wrong with following Jesus for this reason alone?

John 6: 35-40

What two things did Jesus say were God’s will?

John 6:48-53

Jesus was trying to show them that they were looking for earthly contentment when what they really needed was to receive the spiritual nourishment that only he could give them. If they would stop putting all of their focus on their personal contentment and start to turn their focus on his sacrifice for them and the future he wanted them to have; they would truly know what it really means to no longer hunger. Sadly they could not understand what Jesus wanted them to know because they were too focused on their physical cravings that they could not see this spiritual truth they so desperately needed to receive!

In fact, It was this teaching that caused many of the people that had followed Jesus and experienced for themselves many of his earthly miracles, to turn back and no longer follow Him.(John 6:66)

So what about you?

Why do you follow Jesus?

Where are your desires, concerns, and efforts focused?

When this life is over and you look back, what will matter the most to you what you accomplished for yourself or what Christ accomplished through you?

So, now what is the main difference to you between someone who says they are a Christian and a person that truly is a Christian?

Are you a Christian?

How has God spoken to you?

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