New Day Goals:

1) To establish small group Bible studies and mentor leaders to lead those groups as the Lord establishes them in His timing and in His power.

2) To disciple each member in a way that they are ministered to and are also ministering others. Our desire is for every member to also be a minister.

3) For each group to minister to the community the Lord has them in through the outreach opportunities that are available. As the Lord will lead them.

4) To purposefully train members to be able to share their faith with: their friends, families, neighbors, and community, and to provide opportunities for them to do so.

5) For each member to: know and understand the reason for the name New Day Christian Ministry and for New Dayís mission Statement. To demonstrate Godís love as they go into the world to share the gospel and as they gather together for worship. (click here to see Name and Vision)

6) To reach out to the whole family purposefully ministering to them in a way that brings them together and provides them with opportunities to communicate, fellowship, worship, and minister to and with one another.

7) To actively live out our faith in our homes, communities and throughout the world until the Lord Jesus returns to take us home!
New Day Christian Ministry Goals

New Day Christian Ministry Goals
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